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Do you have a great spring photo taken on FETA Trails?  Send it to 
webmaster and it might be chosen to replace the photo above.  The current photo was emailed in by Johnny Rogers who rides Chloe, his 23 year old Arabian mare.

The Foothills Equestrian Trails Association is dedicated to preserving the historic equestrian trail system in and around Hunting Country in Polk County.
Don't forget to call the new Trail Status number before each and every ride:  828 859 0133

New:  Shadrach Trail will open on Sunday (May 7).

New:  Skip's Trail in Pretty Bottom is clear now and open.

New: Riders are trotting/cantering around the back and side of the property on the corner of Morgan Chapel and Dark Horse Lane. This is unacceptable, and may result in suspension of privileges. The owner was forced to move his stallions this weekend due to rushing riders causing them distress. The owner reports that nearly every rider around that property this weekend was in violation, and that he may be forced to close that trail if it continues. This is an important connector trail to FENCE, please slow down and walk!

New: New Member Welcome Picnic on Thursday, May 18, 2017 from 6-8pm at FENCE Main Hall
All FETA Members bring your appetite and a covered dish to give a friendly welcome to our newest members.  This is a great opportunity to meet riders from your neighborhood, check out the latest edition of the FETA trail map, and locate new trails.  If you want information on our trails, this is THE event. Our trail crew will be there to answer your questions. 
Our picnic is potluck.  Please bring a dish to share
Last names beginning A-J please bring an entrée (meat dish). Last names beginning K-R please bring a side dish 
Last names beginning S-Z please bring dessert. 
FETA will provide bottled water.
A reminder for those of you planning to renew your membership at the picnic, you must have a copy of your negative Coggins along with your signed forms and check.  If all is in order, you will receive your tag at that time.

Wright’s Way in Stoneybrook is 
being moved to the other side of that property and will run between the Van Natta's and Cadier properties.  Currently under construction.

FETA has been notified by the Smith family that extensive logging activity will take place on their property in the North Peniel Trail area through the summer. As a result, several trails on the property are closed until further notice: 
  • a section of the Smith Creek Trail 
  • Iris Trail is closed just after Suzanne's Trail (you can still get to Suzanne's Trail)
  • Frank’s Alley off Thickety Ridge 
  • Purdy Hill is closed off both Thickety Ridge and Iris

The photos below show the signage at the closures of Frank’s Alley, Purdy Hill and Iris at Suzanne’s Trail.

Honeyhill riders can use the trails behind the Clements or Penfolds to ride through “Fern Valley” and connect to Indian Hill or Smith Creek. From Smith Creek, riders can turn left onto Suzanne’s Trail and get to Iris.


Report any trail problems promptly so that we can schedule the work to be done. Turn around time depends on something getting reported, scheduled, and prioritized. Even if you think someone else must have reported it go ahead and report,  multiple reports are always better than no reports.  Give the trail name if known, if you are not sure describe the location.  Indicate if the trail is blocked or if you can ride through. (Remember, you can't leave a trail to go around something, it violates your membership rules.)  Describe the problem.  Is it a tree (how big around), washout, overhanging limbs, etc.?  Give the date and approximate time you found the obstruction, so we can determine if we cleared it before your report came in. Report problems by emailing the Trailmaster  (click on the word Trailmaster which will open your email, otherwise, a right click will allow you to copy the email addresses)

The paving on the portion of River Road between Morgan Chapel Rd. and Golden Rd is complete. DOT put a grass/dirt track with some shrubs beside the new paving so that horses and carriages can stay off the paved road.  Many people are assuming the track is for parking.  Please park just a bit west of the intersection on the grass by the board fence along the large field known as Field's Edge.

The new owner of Hidden Hollow ( Maude Carr property) has informed us that people are riding the trails there with dogs, and some have even been rude when approached about it. While some may have had permission to do that previously, they no longer have permission, and it may result in a loss of membership privileges if continued. Please respect the wishes of the new owner as well at the FETA rules; leave your dogs at home, and you may not ride there without a membership tag. This is a large section of beautiful trails, do not risk having them closed!

We have recently been informed (by letter from a landowner) of two unfortunate incidents that occurred in August in the Stoneybrook area. On both occasions riders were seen riding well after dark cantering down fence lines, frightening the horses in the pastures. Trails are CLOSED after dusk, and  ALWAYS walk your horse past a land owner's fence line. Violations of this type can result is loss of membership privileges. Thank you all for understanding.  We are the grateful guests of our FETA landowners!

For those members who have been asking about the artistic rendition of the trail map, we have just uncovered a few more in one of our board member's closets.  These are unframed and may be purchased for $125 .  Call or email Judith Kerns  jkerns101@gmail.com  if you are interested.

If you or anyone you know is offering a residence for rent in the area please keep in mind that FETA trails are not public and they are for members only.  A renter would need to be in residence for a full 30 days, pay the full year's membership, and sign all membership documents in order to use the trails.  We would hate for anyone to be misled and think that renting in the area entitles them to FETA trail use.

We no longer have a FAX line for sending in Guest Releases.  Please put Guest Releases in the mailboxes at FENCE and Peniel Road or email them  to membership chair  (you can take a picture with your smartphone and email).

For a list of parking areas please see the FAQ page; click on the document link at the bottom of the page.

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