Trail Notices and Trail Status

Trail status information is only available by calling the FETA recorded message line:  828 859 0133.

Trail Obstructions:  Please report trail obstructions or other trail problems by emailing the Trailmaster . (Click on the word 
Trailmaster , which will open your email, otherwise right click and you will copy the three email addresses.)  If you have a cell phone with you, take a photo of the problem and email it to the "Trailmaster" addresses-right click on the link for specific email addresses.  

Many of the main trails on Cotton Patch are closed.  It is imperative that riders stay out of the area of the gas pipeline that runs across Still Branch.  As of tomorrow, we are closing Waterfall Way, Trillium (along the river) and the north end of Still Branch.  Trucks and equipment will be driving in and out on the farm driveway until the work is completed.  No end date has been given.  The Cotton Patch trails on Hooker and Scriven are unaffected. 

New:  The trails at the end of the North Peniel trail system on Smith’s farm are being restored after logging.  These areas are clearly marked with trail closed signs.  The rest of the North Peniel system may be ridden when the trails are open.

New:  Ricci's Meadow Trail has been rerouted.  If entering the meadow from River Road, you will enter in the usual place but then stay to the right along the edge of the meadow.  If you are coming from the direction of Stoneybrook via Waterfall trail you will stay to the left.  Do not ride in the middle of the field as we have done in the past.  There is a temporary fence which will guide you to the side.

Saturday, July 29th- two sets of riders were seen trotting on the trail around the property on the corner of Morgan Chapel and Dark Horse Lane. It is clearly posted, "WALK ONLY". The horses in the pastures there are stallions and become very agitated when riders go above a walk. They will ignore horses at a walk. To make matters worse, the property owner waved his arms and shouted "walk" at the riders and they ignored him. Be aware, you can jeopardize your trail privileges by ignoring the signs! If we lose that trail due to irresponsible rider behavior, the only option will be to ride down Morgan Chapel Rd with cars flying by.

The paving on the portion of River Road between Morgan Chapel Rd. and Golden Rd is complete. DOT put a grass/dirt track in beside the new paving so that horses and carriages can stay off the paved road.  Many people are assuming the track is for parking.  Please park just a bit west of the intersection on the grass by the board fence along the large field known as Field's Edge.

The new owner of Hidden Hollow ( Maude Carr property) has informed us that people are riding the trails there with dogs, and some have even been rude when approached about it. While some may have had permission to do that previously, they no longer have permission, and it may result in a loss of membership privileges if continued. Please respect the wishes of the new owner as well at the FETA rules; leave your dogs at home, and you may not ride there without a membership tag. This is a large section of beautiful trails, do not risk them being closed!
Also, Hidden Hollow ( Maude Carr property) trails will be closed this weekend for fox hunting.

The Jorgenson's--Cotton Patch--have built an obstacle course in the field along the river near the pasture at Jackie's Bottom.  This is a private training course.  Trail riders are not permitted on the course.  All obstacles and jumps are off limits to riders.  They have cameras in use to keep riders honest.  If they find that riders are using the course they will close access to the trail along the river and anyone using the course will risk losing their membership.  Please respect these wonderfully generous landowners and stay off the new obstacles.

Reminder, please remember that there is no smoking on FETA trails.  FETA trails are on private property and our generous landowners do not appreciate the fire hazard or the litter.  In addition to smoking there have been some water bottles and even beer cans dropped on trails.  We love our landowners so please do not litter and when it is safe to do so we can all help by picking any litter we see.

Parking Reminder:  When parking at FENCE use the designated lot across from the entrance to TROT and the Nature Center.  Do not use the lot intended for trail walkers that has the picnic shelter at one end.  

FENCE vs FETA  When FETA is closed, the FENCE trails are closed too. 

Hunter/Jumper at FENCE   When there is a Hunter/Jumper event at FENCE, the gate between FENCE and FETA on Mahler's Meadow trail will be closed and locked and will not be unlocked for any reason. Plan on going alternate routes.

Riding on closed trails is a violation of your FETA membership agreement.  Please remember that trails are on private land and that riding off trail is trespassing.  We all need to respect and appreciate the landowners as we all enjoy their generosity.

Open Field Riding  Do not ride in open fields (except for Sheila's Playground).  Stay on the marked trails.

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