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Do you have a great photo taken on FETA Trails? Send it to webmaster and it might be chosen to replace the photo above. The current photo was emailed in by Johnny Rogers who rides Chloe, his 23 year old Arabian mare.

The Foothills Equestrian Trails Association is dedicated to preserving the historic equestrian trail system in and around Hunting Country in Polk County.


Don't forget to call the new Trail Status number before each and every ride: 828 859 0133

The 2021-22 application is available for download on the Membership page of this website.

New: Deer hunting season is here. Please make sure you are visible to hunters as you ride the trails. Blaze orange or other high visibility apparel is highly recommended on all FETA trails and REQUIRED to ride the trails on Chinquapin (the farm behind the FENCE Showgrounds). Vests and helmet covers are readily available for riders and ear covers, trail sheets and more are available for horses.

Blackpowder season runs November 6 though 19 and gun season begins November 20 through Jan 1.

Ride safe!

New: Equipment will be working for the next week on Long Lane Farm on the other side of the creek from Still Branch Trail. Avoid this trail if your horse reacts to loud noise.

New: The trail coming out of Honey Hill at Bill Holbert Rd and heading to Holbert Cabin Ln will be closed for hunting starting Monday, October 11 through Sunday, November 7. This is on the Peniel side.

New: Burrus trails are open again.

New: Peaceful Pines trail between Stoneybrook and Ricci’s Meadow is closed until further notice. Please use the trails above the meadow and cross over at Bamboo Trail.

New: Frank’s Trail on the Peniel side of the system will be closed for hunting beginning Sunday, November 14th and reopen on January 2, 2022. Please respect the signs and tape. Purdy Hill trail will remain open to provide an alternate route.

  • The trails at Chinquapin are now open. PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL. It is dangerous to get off the trail onto the newly cleared land. FETA directional signs have been posted and trail name signs will go up next week.

  • We no longer have any special COVID restrictions in place. While precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19 are still extremely important, we feel that FETA trail riding generally lends itself to following the most recent guidelines which include continuing to practice social distancing, wearing a mask when appropriate, and limiting the size of group gatherings.

The name of Foothills Equestrian Trails Association, FETA, has been used in a phishing scam. We don’t think it has gone beyond the FETA board, but just in case.....if you get an email from anyone in FETA that looks strange, delete it!

We have recently had several incidents with dogs scaring horses on the trails. This is an occasional issue, and while unfortunate, it is only one of many trail riding hazards that go with the territory. Please understand:

    • The trails that we ride on do not belong to FETA and our Members do not have the exclusive right to use them.

    • The trails are on private property, owned by people kind enough to allow us to ride on their private property. Landowners can do anything else with the trails that they want, including allowing their animals to roam freely. Many Landowners kindly share their property for multi-use recreation, including FENCE, where many dogs run free, and kites and frisbee golf discs fly past.

    • We all ride at our own risk. No one else is legally responsible for our safety. Trail riding is intrinsically one of the most dangerous sports. Both horse and rider need to be trained and prepared for the risks of riding in an uncontrolled, natural environment.

    • Every Member acknowledges the risks inherent in trail riding by signing the Release Agreement as a condition of being allowed to ride on private property. This Agreement explicitly warns that many scary and dangerous things can be expected on the trails. DO NOT accost or complain to Landowners about dogs, kids, guests, bicycles, tractors, exotic pets or anything else. That can and does result in loss of trail access for all Members.

    • If you did not understand that you ride at your own risk and are unwilling to accept that condition of use, please let us know that you wish to relinquish your Membership. We will provide a pro-rata refund of your Membership dues.

When riding at FENCE:

Remember that jumps, arenas and the steeplechase track are for use by reservation with FENCE management only.

We would like to encourage FETA members to put their cell phone numbers on saddle tags. Recently a horse was caught after being separated from it's rider and we realized how much easier it is to check on the rider and to reunite horse and rider if the rider's cell number is secured to the horse.

Report any trail problems promptly so that we can schedule the work to be done. Turn around time depends on something getting reported, scheduled, and prioritized. Even if you think someone else must have reported it go ahead and report, multiple reports are always better than no reports. Give the trail name if known, if you are not sure describe the location. Indicate if the trail is blocked or if you can ride through. (Remember, you can't leave a trail to go around something, it violates your membership rules.) Describe the problem. Is it a tree (how big around), washout, overhanging limbs, etc.? Give the date and approximate time you found the obstruction, so we can determine if we cleared it before your report came in. Report problems by emailing the Trailmaster@fetatrails.org

If you or anyone you know is offering a residence for rent in the area please keep in mind that FETA trails are not public and they are for members only. A renter would need to be in residence for a full 30 days, pay the full year's membership, and sign all membership documents in order to use the trails. We would hate for anyone to be misled and think that renting in the area entitles them to FETA trail use.

We no longer have a FAX line for sending in Guest Releases. Please put Guest Releases in the mailboxes at FENCE and Peniel Road or email them to membership@fetatrails.org (you can take a picture with your smartphone and email).

For a list of parking areas please see the FAQ page; click on the document link at the bottom of the page.

If you have trouble with email links on this site you can right click and copy the email address and then paste it into your email.

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