Trail Alerts and Reporting Trail Issues

Trail status information is available by calling the FETA recorded message line:  828-859-0133

The best way to report a maintenance issue or hazard you encounter on the trails (such as a downed tree or other obstacle, a washed-out bank, a bridge safety concern, etc is to click here and fill out a Request for Trail Maintenance. The form has a place to upload pictures so please send one or two with your request so the Trailmaster can see the issue and be better able to address it sooner.

We designed this new reporting system to streamline and organize all requests in one place, so nothing slips through the cracks.  

Or you're also welcome to send an email by clicking here:

Hunting Season Updates:

A downloadable PDF of all hunting season dates for North Carolina can be found here:
NC Hunting Season Dates 2023-2024 

It's always a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing on the trails for safety even when it isn't an active hunting season.

Important Trail Reminders:

Trail News:

Hunting Country Trails vs Peniel Trails:

There are times when only part of the system will be open most likely due to the effects of rain. During a partial opening, it is important to know the demarcation between the two sides of the trail system. The line dividing the Hunting Country Trails and the Peniel Trails follows the path of Red Fox Road and Smith Dairy Road.

Additional Reminders: