Trail Alerts and Reporting Trail Issues

Trail status information is only available by calling the FETA recorded message line: 828 859 0133.

Trail News

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Please report trail obstructions or other trail problems by emailing If you have a cell phone with you, take a photo of the problem and email it to

New: Stoneybrook update: Shadrach Track Trail will be closed for a week (or more) beginning July 11 while forest maintenance work takes place off Bent Oak Dr.

New: Riders on River Road take note: the field at Field’s Edge near Golden Road is temporarily closed to riders. The field is newly plowed and disked in preparation to plant. It will be reopened once a firm tractor path has been established around the perimeter. Right now it is too soft for horses and we want to respect the farmer’s efforts. Thank you!

Heads up if riding through Stoneybrook: There has been a washout at the culvert between Lilly Pond and White Squirrel trails along the path to exit Stoneybrook onto Golden Rd. The culvert is being temporarily closed until it can be better evaluated for safety. Please avoid this area.

  • Equipment will be working for the next week on Long Lane Farm on the other side of the creek from Still Branch Trail. Avoid this trail if your horse reacts to loud noise.

  • Burrus trails are open again.

  • Peaceful Pines trail between Stoneybrook and Ricci’s Meadow is closed until further notice. Please use the trails above the meadow and cross over at Bamboo Trail.

  • Frank’s Trail on the Peniel side of the system will be closed for hunting beginning Sunday, November 14th and reopen on January 2, 2022. Please respect the signs and tape. Purdy Hill trail will remain open to provide an alternate route.

  • The trails at Chinquapin are now open. PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL. It is dangerous to get off the trail onto the newly cleared land. FETA directional signs have been posted and trail name signs will go up next week.

  • Attention riders on the Peniel side: The trail between Honeyhill Lane and Holbert Cabin Rd is now open.

  • The FETA trail from Thoroughbred Lane across from The Blockhouse to Vintage Rd in Many Levels is open again.

  • For those that use Artist’s Way trail that begins at Peniel Rd near Little Mountain Rd: The property you ride through is crossed with trails, but only one route is the FETA trail. The rest of the trails are the Landowners’ private walking trails. We walked the property with the Landowner today and added signs to the point of tackiness to help riders stay on the designated trail. Please follow the signs. The most common mistake seems to be riders turning along the fence at the Rancho Neurotico sign. That is a farm sign, NOT a FETA trail sign. There is no trail along the fence. Ride further straight from Peniel to hit the FETA trail. We don’t think you can miss the yellow signs. Thank you! Happy Landowners make for happy riding.

  • The FETA trail on the Town of Tryon Water Treatment Plant follows the Pacolet River. It connects Cotton Patch to the Mills-Scriven Plantation buffer. Because it goes along the banks of the river, it is soft ground and susceptible to erosion. This portion of trail that has fallen off into the river has been re-routed to go around the edge of treatment plant field. This is a warning to riders that the gun range for the police department is also in the field. The gun range is further upstream of Vaughn Creek. Riders must keep to the edge of the field that parallels the river. Do not ride along Vaugh Creek at the water treatment plant.

  • Ricci's Meadow Trail has been rerouted. If entering the meadow from River Road, you will enter in the usual place but then stay to the right along the edge of the meadow. If you are coming from the direction of Stoneybrook via Waterfall trail you will stay to the left. Do not ride in the middle of the field as we have done in the past. There is a temporary fence which will guide you to the side.

  • We would like to encourage FETA members to put their cell phone numbers on saddle tags. Recently a horse was caught after being separated from it's rider and we realized how much easier it is to check on the rider and to reunite horse and rider if the rider's cell number is secured to the horse.

  • The paving on the portion of River Road between Morgan Chapel Rd. and Golden Rd is complete. DOT put a grass/dirt track in beside the new paving so that horses and carriages can stay off the paved road. Many people are assuming the track is for parking. Please park just a bit west of the intersection on the grass by the board fence along the large field known as Field's Edge.


  • Please remember that there is no smoking on FETA trails. FETA trails are on private property and our generous landowners do not appreciate the fire hazard or the litter. In addition to smoking there have been some water bottles and even beer cans dropped on trails. We love our landowners so please do not litter and when it is safe to do so we can all help by picking any litter we see.

  • When parking at FENCE use the designated lot across from the entrance to TROT and the Nature Center. Do not use the lot intended for trail walkers that has the picnic shelter at one end.

  • When FETA is closed, the FENCE trails are closed too.

  • When there is a Hunter/Jumper event at FENCE, the gate between FENCE and FETA on Mahler's Meadow trail will be closed and locked and will not be unlocked for any reason. Plan on going alternate routes.

  • Riding on closed trails is a violation of your FETA membership agreement. Please remember that trails are on private land and that riding off trail is trespassing. We all need to respect and appreciate the landowners as we all enjoy their generosity.

  • Do not ride in open fields (except for Sheila's Playground). Stay on the marked trails.

  • FETA trails are not on public land. Private landowners generously give us permission to use the trails that run through their property. We have had instances where FETA members complain about barking dogs or loud equipment on private land; this is never appropriate. Landowners have no obligation to riders beyond allowing you to be on the trail. Please be polite and thank our landowners when you meet them.

Hunting Counry Trails vs Peniel Trails:

There are times when only part of the system will be open most likely due to the effects of rain. During a partial opening, it is important to know the demarcation between the two sides of the trail system. The line dividing the Hunting Country Trails and the Peniel Trails follows the path of Red Fox Road and Smith Dairy Road.