Welcome to the FETA Website

The Foothills Equestrian Trails Association is an alliance of rural Landowners and horseback riders dedicated to preserving the historic horse trails throughout Polk County, NC.  The trails are all on private property and available only for horseback riding and only to FETA members.  FETA owns no trails and cannot grant permission for any alternate use of FETA trails, such as hiking, dog walking or biking.  For these pursuits, please see polktrails.org to find trails suitable for your use.  

Membership in FETA is open to riders who reside or board their horse in Polk County, NC, or have a Landrum or Campobello, SC address.    

Don't forget to call the Trail Status number before each and every ride:  828-859-0133

In an effort to streamline this website you can now find trail updates and reminders on the Trails page.

Membership (New & Renewal): 

Forms are now available - click: Membership Forms

Questions can be emailed to membership@fetatrails.org.  Thank you for your support of FETA.